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About Storey


I'm a portrait photographer in Toronto, Canada. I've achieved my Masters of Photographic Arts, judged international print competitions, and have regularly taught other professionals the art of wedding and portrait photography.

A sense of timing, a sense of style, and above all, a sense of family...these are the elements that I bring to you.

- From "One of the 30 Most Inspiring Photographers, Wedding Bells Magazine.

In the News

I've been featured in dozens of print and online news sources. Here are just a few examples.

Wedluxe Magazine

"A Bespoke Vivienne Westwood Gown Steals the Show at This Refined Wedding", May 2016, Wedluxe Magazine.

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The Wedding Co.

Julia & Greg on The Wedding Co. blog  February 2016

Wedding Bells Magazine

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Cait & Ty's Romance & Fireworks in Muskoka

What I Can Do for You

"As a photographer, I am a keeper of the spirit of people. Could this be the greatest job on earth, second only to the job of mother? Perhaps.

I LOVE to photograph children and their families. I believe photography should accurately reflect who you and your children are, capturing you in your best light. I find the rhythm of your family. I study the qualities of your children that make them so precious. This helps to make the moments I photograph more meaningful and timeless."

On your wedding day, I have the privilege of being able to tell your story through a series of natural, thoughtful and emotional photographs. These photographs will show a great deal about the spirit of your personalities, your love for each other, and the love among your family and friends. I will create a legacy of that day so that your children and grandchildren will be able to appreciate what you are all about. What an honour.


"Hi Storey,

Ken, Ollie & I can't thank you enough for yet another wonderful photo shoot. As always, we had SO much fun with you guys! When we got in the car to head home, Ollie said "that was super fun! When can we do that again?" which pretty much sums up how our whole family feels about our time with you two!!

We honestly don't have words to thank you for your continued interest in capturing the times of our life. I just know that in 60 years, when Ken and I are old & gray, we'll look back at these photos and reminisce about "the good old days" and how we're so appreciative that these times were captured by such skilled, loving and caring eyes. You two really are the best and a simple thank you does not do our appreciation justice.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything."

Andrea, Ken & Ollie

"The photos and the album are absolutely amazing! Everyone we've shown our photos to can't get over the care and thoughtfulness you put into capturing our wedding, and we couldn't agree more. For a day that is famous for going by 'too fast,' you captured the feeling and the memories beautifully and we're incredibly grateful."

Sue & Geoff

"Dear Storey, I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to capture our wedding day so perfectly. The photographs you produced are truly better than anything Patrick and I would have hoped for and will allow us and our families to remember the day with perfect clarity and vivid emotion for years to come. Your entire service from start to finish is truly impeccable. We are so lucky to have found you and are so grateful for the photos, the albums, the CDs - every part of the experience was an absolute pleasure. While the product is perfect the part about working with you that is truly the best is your personality. You were such a treat to be around the day of the wedding, it just made the whole experience of the wedding day that much more special. Thank you again so much for everything you've done - it has truly been an honour working with someone who is such a consummate professional. With warmest regards,"

Allie Sweeney

"Storey . . . Wow. I'm not sure Dan and I have the words to express how wonderful it has been to work with you and how incredibly professional, thoughtful and absolutely adorable you are. Not only are we so happy and excited to have the images you and Leigh captured; we are also very blessed to have had you there to help us be present in heart and mind on our wedding day. From our first meeting, to our practice shoot on the beach, our wedding day and the little packages received in the mail . . . all is evidence for the passion you clearly have for capturing the essence and wide range of emotion in one's story. We have already been spreading the word about your work and hope someone we know takes advantage of your gift and love for photography. With great appreciation and warm regard,

Julie & Dan Warrington

"The greatest gifts I have ever received in life are my two daughters. And to date, the greatest and most treasured documentation of their lives are the photographs that Storey has taken of our girls. Despite Storey's extraordinary training and learned skills, she is a natural, with an eye for capturing the most candid and natural moments in time. She can chronicle the story of a child's world in a mere 1-hour session, capturing not only the image but, more importantly, the essence of a person/child in time. Her images are fluid and alive, never structured and stiff. Looking at Storey's work elicits not only memories but, emotions of that precious and most fleeting moment in time you want to cherish forever."

Kate Glover

"Dear Storey, What can we say except for you to accept our sincere gratitude for your work on our special day! The DVD and proofs are garnering huge praise and we await our album with huge excitement. To quote one of our more hardened guests - a journalist of some age and stature - 'the photographers were ninjas in black suits, invisible but everywhere and catching everything!' Highest praise indeed. We could hardly add more except to add our heartfelt thanks."

Scott and Nigel

"Storey, We absolutely love the album. The picture quality is amazing and the arrangements are beautiful. From the box and cover and throughout the album the quality and attention to detail is everywhere. Many thanks for all your work and for being so wonderful on the day, which is now so perfectly captured. All the best,

Carlie and Marc