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A Lifestyle Family Portrait - May 2015  by Storey Wilkins Photography

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes during a family portrait session?  How do we get all those peaceful looking photographs of your family when your little ones are so squirmy?  The secret lies in the way we use games, activities, and distractions in order to keep your little ones from going "stir-crazy."

Thanks to the wonderful Kristina, who has kindly allowed us to take you behind the scenes during her 4th anniversary/maternity session with her amazing husband and fantastic son, we can show you what to expect during your session.  Can you believe that this little guy was overtired, battling a cold, and out-of-sorts for most of the session?  Leave it to the pro's and don't try this stunt alone at home with a camera phone!!!


Note that a "lifestyle" portrait session does not have to take the whole day, nor does it have to explore all facets of your family's daily life.  We recommend that for each session, you choose a main theme and have most of your photography take place around that theme.  In Kristina's case, the theme was family fun on the bed.  Enjoy the show, and please contact us to book your 2016 family portrait session.