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Porch Portraits in Toronto: Book a Session in May

May 2020: I am a Toronto photographer capturing the beautiful side of life during COVID-19:
one terrific PORCH PORTRAIT at a time.

Safety First

I am a local Toronto photographer that waited until we began to flatten the curve during the pandemic before offering my SAFE PORCH PORTRAIT services as a family photographer here in my community of Leaside, Lawrence Park, Davisville Village and Lytton Park.

$2000 Raised for Sunnybrook Hospital

My first 20 sessions were for charity. I offered to shoot porch portrait sessions (from a distance of course) for anyone in my community. I just asked for a minimum $100 donation to Sunnybrook Hospital who, like all Toronto hospitals, is doing good work helping people through the pandemic. I didn’t really expect it to take off the way it did but since last week I have created 20 family portraits with at least another 20 on the list.

Now I am asking $100 for me, to cover my time and talent. This is about 15% of what I normally charge as a full-time family photographer.

Great Moments

It been lovely to see so many families laughing and sharing these moments together. These photos are very similar to what I do normally as a family portrait photographer. It’s just that now I am doing what I can, for whoever wants my help, until I can return to my normal routine of longer family photo sessions.

These are moments that in 20 years families will look back on and remember with such fondness. “Remember when we had those couple of months together at home during the pandemic? Oh yeah let’s look at those adorable photos again. Those were good time together.”

Who knows maybe these might inspire more families to have a regular family portrait session. The sessions are so fun and put a clear positive spin on life as a family.

The Happy Side of Life

With my telephoto lenses, a very safe distance from my subjects in the era of physical distancing, I capture the best side of reality of being home during a pandemic.

Instead of taking a photojournalistic approach a looking for a reality-bites angle, I aim for tons of smiles, cuddles, hugs and laughter. It’s the opposite of a news story kind of photograph. It’s a personal and joyful account of what happy families look like across Toronto.

My Story

I am a photographer best known for my wedding and family photography. Like many Canadians, I found myself without work thanks to the coronavirus pandemic in March, April and May of 2020.

I started to see other photographers offering porch portraits in March and I thought, no way, too soon, too risky!!! I encouraged other local photographers to stay home until we at least started to flatten the curve in Toronto. Like many professional photographers, I knew that the risks were too high for everyone involved to be doing porch portraits at that time.

I waited a full 7 weeks before beginning to book sessions for my neighbours in Leaside, Davisville Village, Lawrence Park and Lytton Park. It was PAINFUL!!! Especially when I could see regular clients of mine posting their porch portraits on Instagram that other door-knocking photographers had taken. That was very frustrating. However, eventually the curve began to flatten and I was able to implement my SAFE PORCH PORTRAITS program in early May.

For Love Worth Documenting

Yesterday I photographed a little girl celebrating her third birthday, with her shiny new pink bike. I photographed two families who welcomed newborn babies during quarantine and desperately needed photographs to show their loved ones. I captured the loving connection between grandparents about to celebrate 40 years of marriage and unable to share that with the rest of the family. I photographed front-line hospital doctors and nurses who are exhausted but still put on a smile when they get home to see their kids.

The moments, occasions and celebrations are real and deserve to be photographed professionally. This is not just during a pandemic!!! I am a photographer that does this all year round, every year. If nothing else, I hope the popularity of porch portraits shows all Torontonians the value of having your family love documented, any time, in any circumstance.

Family portraits: for Love Worth Documenting. Visit my PORCH PORTRAITS gallery here.

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