Porch Portraits Toronto:  Bedford Park Family Fun
Storey Wilkins Photography

Porch Portraits Toronto: Bedford Park Family Fun

Every time I arrive in front of a home for a safe porch portrait, I am reminded of how wonderful family life is.

Yesterday I photographed a little girl celebrating her third birthday, with her shiny new pink bike. I photographed two families who welcomed newborn babies during quarantine and desperately needed photographs to show their loved ones. I captured the loving connection between grandparents about to celebrate 40 years of marriage and unable to share that with the rest of the family. I photographed front-line hospital doctor and nurses who are exhausted but still put on a smile when they get home and see their kids.

Book your porch portrait session here. 15 minutes. $100 plus tax. Three high resolution images to download and enjoy. Additional images and prints may be purchased separately.

Location: Bedford Park, Toronto.