Porch Portraits Toronto:  Couple Expect First Child
Storey Wilkins Photography

Expecting Parents During a Pandemic

Like many Canadians, a photographer best known for my wedding and family photography, I found myself without work thanks to the coronavirus pandemic in March, April and May of 2020.

I started to see other photographers offering porch portraits in March and I thought, no way, too soon, too risky!!! I encouraged other local photographers to stay home until we at least started to flatten the curve in Toronto. I, like many professional people photographers, knew that the risks were too high for everyone involved to be doing these porch portraits at that time. I started to head out in May when many of use were allowed to go back to work. This was one of my first porch portraits during that amazing time.

Book your porch portrait session here. 15 minutes. $100 plus tax. Three high resolution images to download and enjoy. Additional images and prints may be purchased separately.

Location: Bedford Park, Toronto.