Storey Wilkins Photography

The Making of a Neighbourhood Magazine

by Storey Wilkins

Neighbours of Lawrence Park

For almost two years I have been photographing families for the cover of Neighbours of Lawrence Park Magazine by Best Version Media. It is one of the best ways to get to know your neighbours and the great work they do to help make their community better, not that Lawrence Park needs much improvement. It is a lovely tree lined area of Toronto with wonderful homes, great schools, lots of shopping and easy access to every other part of the city.

A Great Team

When Carol Eby, publisher of the magazine, asked me to come on board to photograph the featured family each month, I jumped on the chance. Just like my regular clientele, I get to meet and photograph a local family in their home. I take one major image for the cover, and then a handful of images that get published alongside their story inside the magazine. With Carol at the helm and Content Coordinator Richard Todd writing the stories, every month the readers get introduced to and inspired by the families.

A Printed Gem

There is no on-line component to the magazine yet. It is an actual (yes printed) magazine that gets dropped to every house in both Lawrence Park North and South). It is a great way to advertise to local families too.

Have a Story to Share?

If you are a Lawrence Park resident and have a story to share (or an ad to place), Carol would love to hear from you. She can be reached at