Storey Wilkins Photography

Simply Beautiful Newborn Photography

by Storey Wilkins

Avoid the typical rush to capture your baby within the first 10 days. A professional baby portrait at six weeks is great option for both mom and baby.


Ever experienced the rush to get your newborn photographed within the first 10 days of his or her life? It's tough on you, the mom, as you are likely not keen to even leave the house at that point. Then you arrive at the photographer's studio or home only to find that the session takes two or three hours because your baby not only needs to be asleep, but has to be styled with cute knitted hats (that don't even belong to you) and then placed around a bunch of props like baskets, netting, toys, stuffed animals, flowers, etc...

The end result is an adorable artistic wall portrait (and baby announcement card) that shows off your sleeping baby. While this is a great option for many parents (when you find a skilled photographer who is equal parts creative and safe), there are other options if that look does not appeal to you.


I offer my clients an option to photograph their baby around the 1-2 month mark, using very simple environments and color ranges, and preferably when the baby is awake. The photographs shown here are of the fabulous Charlie, taken when she was 6 weeks old.

There are several advantages to this. First, you do not have to attempt an outing in the first 10 days after you have given birth. Second, your baby will be more awake and alert and will have stretched out a bit. His or her personality will come though more in the photographs.

Third, because there is very little in the way of accessories or props, your baby will be the main focus of the photograph, not the environment. We will use your baby's own clothes and hats so that there is an added symbolism to the images. Finally, I am able to get at least six different looks in a very short period of time (in under 90 minutes) because of the simple styling and posing.


If this style of baby photography appeals to you then please Contact Me soon to book your session. I look forward to capturing your "precious little" in a natural, thoughtful way. $500 session fee PLUS the cost of prints and digital files. Rapid turn around time. Custom announcement cards available for purchase.