Storey Wilkins Photography


Since their wedding, Andrea and Ken have invited us to photograph maternity shoots of their 3 children - Ollie is 5 years old, Ben is 2, and Emma is 8 weeks old. We have also done 6 month shoots with each of their children, which Emma will be enjoying in a few months’ time.

I was particularly happy when Andrea recalled a favourite moment during one of our photoshoots: “Storey got all these amazing pictures of them running down the hall.” said Andrea, “The giggles and screeches of delight are captured, and they melt my heart….I trust Storey with our photos, and I think capturing these moments are always so important, but especially while our kids are young.”

Since these beautiful portraits will appear above the mantle, I advised them to go with a canvas wrap grouping to reflect the casual, loving dynamics of their family. Soft, yet modern, these finished images share the close bonds of a moment with special people who will reflect on this day for many years to come.


Kids are best in the morning when they’re at their happiest. Well rested and fed, a calm, fun energy should make for the perfect shoot time for kids and siblings. Lunch, nap times and evenings are generally more complicated times for the optimal portraits.


Decide before the shoot what look you’re going for. Where in your home will your portraits be displayed? If in a more formal room, be sure everyone’s clothing is coordinated to this look. If the room is less formal and more “family” keep this in mind as well.


Get haircuts at least a week before the shoot. It might take a few days to grow into (or fond of) a hair cut, especially if the scissors went amiss. This buffer allows for some growth, tweaks and perfections to the hair style prior to your session.


Build up the session to children as it really is—a time for fun and togetherness. There’s no need for bribes when the event itself is the reward.


Calm your own nerves. Relaxed parents have more fun, which helps kids become most comfortable for the best shots.


If you bring your pet Sparky to the family shoot, make sure to get some brisk exercise with your pup before coming. This will allow for a (hopefully) slightly calmer canine during your shoot.

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