Toronto Wedding Bridal Portrait by Storey Wilkins
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Toronto Wedding Bridal Portrait by Storey Wilkins

Great locations can be in the most unlikely places.

Here it's the kitchen at the brides's all about the light rather than the camera. When you're looking for a talented wedding photographer in Toronto, look for someone who is fully prepared regardless of which situation presents itself. It's also about re-imagining classic wedding images and bringing freshness to them. As an experienced professional photographer, I know that sometimes a moment is captured - sometimes, it just bursts into life in front of you because you have been there with your camera and the right creative attitude....and sometimes I will ask for specific light, in a specific spot where I know magic will happen.

Location: Royal Conservatory of Music 273 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W2 (416) 408-2824.